Commercialising a Concentrated Solar Power Technology

The company had an exclusive license to a concentrated solar power technology: A power tower technology in the centre of a 2.8 km circle of 17,400 heliostats carrying 1,250,000 square metres of solar mirrors.

The company’s main products were rockets which at the time of the assignment included the Space Shuttle main engine – as far from volume manufacturing as you can get.

They needed to build a supply chain and a manufacturing base in Spain and the USA to deliver power stations. Given their product focus we needed to improve their understanding of design for volume manufacture and design to cost.

We helped them to go back to the drawing board and design the heliostat system such that each one could be manufactured and installed every 20 minutes and at 20% cost saving.

The client wrote the following copying his management team

As the team transitions off the heliostat development project, on behalf of the company, I would like to express appreciation for the contributions to our activity.  From day-one the team was productive, focused and contributing, bringing crucial commercial insight to activity.  The broad array of skills and expertise brought to bear was outstanding and the personal working skills of the individuals assigned were superb.  Bravo.
I truly believe that the contribution of the team was critical in the team’s understanding of risks associated with the new product area of heliostats.  This increased confidence, in turn, allowed our senior management to change and strengthening their strategy toward the entire CSP project.

In the near future, when you see the radiating glow of clean-energy emanating from our heliostats, your team will know that they played a crucial role in its success.

Thank you with all sincerity,
Director, Global Program Development