Our usual starting point is to carry out a QuickScan analysis through interviews, observation and data analysis.

We will…

  • Gain clarity of your requirements to ensure that we fully understand the exam question.
  • Agree the outcome that you desire and the metrics
  • Determine the root cause, key risks
  • Listen and learn from your staff
  • At the mid-point, we will jointly determine if Bonum believes that we can successfully deliver.
  • Design and document an initial plan which usually consists of a one-page charter for each of the agreed actions

QuickScan is focused, proven and reliable method to determine issues and recommend actions in a specific area of your operation. It usually lasts between two and six weeks depending on the scope and size of the challenge and is illustrated below:

5 Step Process

Management commitment and active participation is essential for the success of Quickscan.



Analysis of Current Status: Collect data, conduct interviews, workshops, analyse processes.



Develop options assess results, develop options for improvement, estimate high level costs and benefits.


Feedback 1

Evaluate and confirm our initial data analysis and findings, review and shortlist first pass options and seek agreement to continue with the QuickScan.


Further Analysis

Further Analysis: Analyse the shortlist options to estimate timescales, benefits, risks and resources. Complete any additional data analysis and interviews.


Feedback 2

Facilitate a discussion to agree the final options in terms of priority, costs, resources , risks and benefits.