Our Leadership Team works with clients to stay ahead of the market, close the gap on competitors or improve profitability for the long term.

We have significant executive experience in Strategy, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering and Supply Chain. We create exceptional results with lasting impact by working in collaboration with our clients whilst focusing on operational and organisational excellence, processes, productivity, cost reduction, asset management and liquidity.

We work with our clients to bring our insight and skills to deal with a performance issue or to prepare for a significant future event at a project, business unit or company level. For example, we can:

  • Deliver excellent performance in manufacturing whether enhancing productivity to meet rising demand, improving quality and
    equipment utilisation or rationalising the manufacturing network.
  • Greatly enhance the engineering/product development productivity in a world in which many are struggling to recruit “sufficient” engineering resources or to consistently deliver projects to time, cost or quality.
  • Improve working capital and cash flow through streamlined financial and controlling processes.
  • Refine strategy direction to ensure that the business remains fit for purpose within an ever-changing economic environment.


Turning Strategy into Action

Delivering a Strategic Plan is a challenge for our clients in today’s fast changing economic and technology landscape. We work with our clients to drive a planned portfolio of operational projects that will drive the prioritised implementation of your strategic vision without putting the business at risk.

Financial Controlling & Treasury

Today’s business environment is driving a demanding CFO agenda. We can work with you to optimise your financial processes and structures to improve efficiency. Improve control and oversight of operations whilst maintaining compliance and audit standards.

Working Capital and Cash Flow Optimisation

Maintaining liquidity and driving operating cash flows is a complex multi-dimensional challenge. We work with our clients to quickly understand the main drivers of cash generation and provide focussed effort to develop improvements to the underlying processes to improve cash management, reduce working capital and improve the cash position.

Manufacturing Operations

We will work with your team to deliver improved performance in manufacturing operations. For example, we can enhance productivity to meet rising demand, improve quality and reduce non-conformance costs, improve equipment utilisation, or rationalise a manufacturing network.

Turnaround & Restructuring

Our turnaround and restructuring team works together with clients facing operational and/or financial challenges. Using a proven systematic approach, we will first use our QuikScan methodology to identify the core issues and determine the viability of Bonum working with our clients deliver the required results. Building on a foundation of a clearly defined program of work supported by agreed metrics, we will provide hands-on leadership and operational capacity to deliver a sustainable restructure or turnaround.

Client Challenges

Management Challenges

Planning, managing and financing growth

Not meeting the financial targets

Lack of transparency in financial planning and reporting

Align the equity and debt structure to finance our current and future business objectives

Evaluation of investments in assets or acquisitions

Operational Challenges

Improving engineering productivity

Projects that are missing their timeline, quality and or cost targets

Product launch costs are too high.

Reducing non-conformance cost issues to improve manufacturing profitability

Improve manufacturing productivity processes to deliver higher volumes or a greater product mix.

Transfer or consolidate current production into a new location

Increase cash flow and optimise working capital

Increasing the performance of the purchasing department

Reducing SG&A costs