Our team applies its industry expertise to help investors to make better informed transaction decisions with our ability to perform a deep analysis of the transaction risks with regard to the strategy, market environment, products, technologies, business processes, leadership and management.

We will continue to work with our clients’ acquisitions after execution of a transaction to implement targeted and sustainable improvements in performance, which are aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and the return on investment.


M&A and Post Merger Integration

We support our clients in answering the core question of an M&A transaction: Do the figures and the future technological and market potentials justify the purchase price? How well does the target fit into our client’s culture? Is this a risk to creating value? Can the differences be managed? After execution of a transaction we work alongside our clients’ team to manage the integration process, which allows the management to maintain its focus on the overall operations whilst we focus on delivering the financial benefits of the integration. We also support our clients on transactions from the sell side and assist in joint venture structuring and carve outs.

Industrial Expert Analysis

For our investor clients, we assess the viability of acquisition targets. We deploy our executive experience to determine the target’s strategic intent, finances, leadership and operational capability. The result will be a structured report highlighting the major areas of opportunity and risk driving the mid-term growth and costs. If required, our team will also evaluate the target’s technology in terms of its uniqueness, maturity and market position to help you to evaluate the long-term prospects of the target.