Start Ups

Members of our team work as mentors and coaches to start-up teams giving them access to our team’s years of industrial and professional experience and to our network of business contacts.

Our team supports start-ups in optimising management processes, financing and ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place. Working together we can strengthen the clarity of the strategy and the business model, secure the liquidity and enhance the transparency towards shareholders and stakeholders.

Furthermore, our team can implement effective project management, an optimised organisation structure and assist in the search for talent.


Turning Strategy into Action

Delivering a Strategic Plan is a challenge for our clients in today’s fast changing economic and technology landscape. We work with our clients to drive a planned portfolio of operational projects that will drive the prioritised implementation of your strategic vision without putting the business at risk.

Manufacturing Operations

We will work with your team to deliver improved performance in manufacturing operations. For example, we can enhance productivity to meet rising demand, improve quality and reduce non-conformance costs, improve equipment utilisation, or rationalise a manufacturing network.